As a full-service manufacturing company, Cutting Edge Manufacturing offers many manufacturing processes to suit your needs. Our services include CNC Milling (4th & 5th Axis), CNC Turning with live Tooling, Sheet Metal Fab, Assembly, Center Less Grinding, EDM, and Welding. Quotes are usually returned within 24-48 hours. We’d love to support you with any of your manufacturing needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote!

Equipment and Machinery at Cutting Edge Manufacturing

Vertical CNC Machining CentersQty
Hurco VM1 3axis CNC Mill, 8,000 RPM, 26”X x 16”Y x 20”Z1
Hurco VM10 3axis CNC Mill, 10,000 RPM, 26”X x 16”Y x 20”Z1
Hurco VMX42 3axis CNC Mill, 12,000 RPM, 42″X x 24″Y x 24″Z2
Manual / CNC MillQty
3VKF – Kent Vertical Mill with Mill Power CNC, 4,000 RPM, 10″Y x 50″X1
CNC LathesQty
Hwacheon Hi-Tech 200C, 3.0″ thru/spindle, 10.0″ Chuck, Live tooling1
Omniturn GT-75, 1.0″ thru/spindle, 4.0″ chuck, Live tooling, CNC Enhancements Autobar 300, 24.0″ bars1
Omniturn GT-75, 1.0″ thru/spindle, 4.0″ chuck, Live tooling, Omniturn ZipLoader bar feeder, handling 1/8″ to 1.0″ diameter rods, 1-1/2″ to 26″ long.1
Screw MachineQty
Tsugami BE20-V, .750” thru/spindle, Live tooling, LNS Alpha ST 320 bar feeder, feeds up to 12′ bars1
Cylindrical GrindingQty
Cincinnati Center-Less, 8.0″ Wide Grinding Wheel1
Waterjet CuttingQty
Omax 80X Water Jet with a 6’8″ X 13’4″ Cutting Envelope, 6.0” Z-Axis Travel, Speed-180 Inches per min., Linear Positional Accuracy and Repeatability +/-.001”1
Fanuc Robocut, Wire EDM, Travel x-12.1″, y-8.4″, z-8.5″1
Charmolles Elroda 200 Plunge EDM, Travel x-12.0″, y-8.0″, z-5.0″1
Miller 350 TIG3
Miller 350 MIG1
Lincoln 450 MIG1
Miller 652 MIG1
Tesa-hite 700 Digital Height Gage1
Mitutoyo 24″ Digital Height Gage2
SPI, 12″ Dia. Optical Comparator1
Surface Plate, 3′ x 4′1
Surface Plate, 2′ x 3′2
Various other Inspection Equipment like Micrometers & Bore Gages1
Additional Support EquipmentQty
Toyota 5,000 lbs. Forklift1
Burr King, Vibra King 200SX, 16″ vibratory bowl1
Turn Pro, BS-250A, Horizontal Band Saw1
Ridgid, 12″ Dia. Cut-Off Saw1
Pedrazzoli, Brown 250, Cold Saw1
Various other sanders, grinders, deburring, and assembly equipment
Programming DepartmentQty
One CNC Software, Seats available10
Hurco Winmax Software, Seats available3
Company Network
Fully Networked throughout the Facility
Windows Server, Running Windows 7
E2 Shop Tech, Management MRP Software