Cutting Edge Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to its status as one of the best manufacturing companies. We provide our customers with high quality products, exceptional value, timely deliveries, and superior customer service. Our success is determined by meeting, or exceeding these goals.

In addition to meeting our customer’s requirements and needs, we are also committed to providing a workplace environment that supports both professional and personal growth. A key factor in that growth is creating leadership positions that support a strong teamwork environment. These leadership positions also support and encourage higher education for all our employees. We consider all Cutting Edge Manufacturing employees as being vital and essential to achieving our mission.

Here at Cutting Edge Manufacturing we are also a company that supports our local community. We provide financial support and volunteer hours to many local charities and organizations. We also are good stewards of our environment and are committed to proper care and disposal of all byproducts created during the manufacturing processes. We are a green company, where we recycle and use recycled products throughout the whole company. Our commitment to these green standards goes beyond legal requirements and includes strong, moral, and high ethical standards as well.